“…but if you loved me, where have you been?”

by imakerealityCS
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If you don’t know, that title is a line from a Reel Big Fish song. [It’s a good song, listen HERE.] But it’s a valid question – where the [insert favorite expletive here] have I been?! I mean, the last entry was 2020 and we’re now already suffering the hangover of ringing in 2023. The years really do blend together… So what’s been going on?

The highlight reel:
– Lost radio job to COVID killing advertising businesses.
– Got WAY too into “Tiger King.”
– Gained job as Regional Communications Director for the American Red Cross.
– Expanded my freelance work with copywriting, social media, and website management.
– Got engaged!
– Traveled to Okinawa, Japan.
– Probably some other stuff, too.

And here I am, back and ready to write! At least, that’s my goal. I put fingers to keyboard plenty for work efforts, but want to increase my personal and creative work, too. I hope you’ll come back.

To the next of many,


Haz-Matt with shark jaw at Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan.

Haz-Matt with whale shark at Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan

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