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In my mind - I'm the fifth Ninja Turtle.

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@ Voiceover professional of 20 years.
@ Digital Media producer of 20 years.
@ Digital Marketing Specialist.
@ Social Media Manager.
@ Freelance writer.
@ Live event host.
@ Full-time facepalm.

I rolled my character stats a long time ago. I have yet to find my "dump stat."

  • Wisdom90
  • Intellagense80
  • Dexterity45
Haz-Matt Surely Not Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

My Story

I was born at an early age. Several traumatic but humorous events later, I find myself here: a communications professional and a storyteller with a website who loves to dive deep into the geekery of pop culture.

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Let's Work Together

Interested in doing a collaboration? Need help on a media project? Want to grab a sandwich? I'm up for any of them and look forward to hearing from you.